About our editor

I am René Laing (de Klerk), a nature and conservation-lover from Johannesburg, South Africa, and the editor of Never-ending Nature. My happiest times are when I am somewhere in nature, whether in my little garden at home, on a nature walk or hike, or spending time outside, learning more about conservation. This blog was born as I got retrenched during the COVID-19 pandemic. I was the editor for a conservation/travel publication (Safari News) and wanted to continue pursuing my passion and educate people, and what better way than a blog? I blog part-time, but hopefully, this will change in the future.

Before my stint as editor of the publication as mentioned earlier, I was a conservation journalist for the SANParks Times, a publication that focussed solely on news, tourism, and conservation projects within all of the South African National Parks (SANParks). I saw the hard work in caring for our natural heritage and realised how few of these stories are told. This is another reason for my blog – to showcase the projects and conservation work throughout South Africa.

My husband, Duncan, is my muse and assists me with all things web. He takes the reins when things get too complicated for me. He designed websites in the past but now runs a data recovery and computer repair business. I felt that he deserves a little mention here. Never-ending Nature would never have been a reality without him and his support.

Random facts about me:

– I am only 1.55m tall and wear a size 5 shoe. My shoes always go first when I get home.
– My favourite colour is cerise pink. I almost bought a pink hiking bag once, but logic prevailed.
– Rocks fascinate me. I have a small collection that I have picked up randomly from all over South Africa.
– Always see the small things. I will spot a small dung beetle but miss the snake next to it. Yes, that happened to me once, and the snake was a rinkhals.
– Tanning on the beach? I don’t see the point of this and would rather walk 5km on the beach with the waves washing over my feet.
– Summer over winter, always.
– I am not big into make-up.
– I shower. Baths take too long.

About Never-ending Nature

At Never-ending Nature, we have a passion for the African continent. Through this blog, we hope to showcase the beautiful spots in Southern Africa, and the conservation projects these places focus on. Why? We want to focus on this because tourism gets a lot of attention, but the important work behind the scenes does not always get the recognition it deserves. Community is at the heart of conservation and should not be left behind. A lot of hard work goes into taking care of our natural heritage, and ensuring it is there for future generations to enjoy. Do you get to share the good work your destination or organisation is doing, with the rest of the world?

We want to share the conservation work and projects happening behind the scenes

Never-ending Nature will take you on that beautiful journey. We will showcase places ideal for getaways and adventures. You will read about the work these destinations do, and find out how you can get involved if possible. This blog will try not to focus too much on the negativity that comes with protecting our heritage. Though, Never-ending Nature will also not shy away from encouraging healthy debate about controversial topics.

Why do you want to work with us? Never-ending Nature will not only showcase your destination to a large audience, but we will showcase your projects and conservation work to like-minded guests. Never-ending Nature wants to showcase your important work to the world, even if it takes place behind the scenes.

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Never stop exploring and learning! Never be the reason for nature to come to an end!