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Never-ending Nature aims to be one of the top conservation and travel blogs in Southern Africa. Our readers are passionate about travel, conservation, and the great outdoors. They are eager to explore new destinations, go on great adventures, and learn about the wonderful conservation projects run by these destinations.

Here are a few options for possible collaboration with Never-ending Nature, but feel free to contact us should you have other ideas, and to receive our rate card.

Sponsored media trips

Through a sponsored press trip, you will place your destination/activity/adventure, etc in front of a large audience eager to explore new destinations. We will publish a review on the website, based on our experience. We might also get the article into other publications. Please note that this is a part-time project, so this may affect availability. We also offer additional marketing options, which will offer further exposure and value to your brand.

Sponsored posts and advertising

Looking for a banner advert, text advert, or other forms of advertising on the Never-ending Nature blog? Sponsored posts are welcome, and will be marked to point them out. Feel free to contact us for packages.

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