Destination owners

Are you a destination owner? Are you running any specials? Enter our competition and stand a chance to win a free slot!

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Competition Details
Three lucky winners will each win a free feature on our Travel Specials page. This will include a feature picture of the destination, a brief description of the special, as well as a link to the destination website.


  1. Fill in the entry form below.
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    – The entry will stay on our website for the month of July and August 2021 only. Your special must therefore be valid for the month of July and August 2021.
    – The destination must be located in South Africa.
    – The competition closes on 15 June 2021. The winners will be announced by 20 June 2021. Our Travel Specials page will be live on 1 July 2021.
    – Terms and Conditions under the entry form.

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Terms and Conditions
– The destination will provide the details for the travel special.
– By entering this competition, you are giving Never-ending Nature permission to contact you.
Never-ending Nature will not sell your information to third parties.
– Winners will receive a small space with a destination picture and a brief description with a special explained. A website link will guide readers to the destination website. Upon request, once the winners are announced, it is the winner’s responsibility to provide the relevant picture to Never-ending Nature
Never-ending Nature is not responsible for any incorrect information.
Never-ending Nature will only publish the details of the special, but will not take responsibility for any bookings
Never-ending Nature can share the published Travel Specials on social media.
– We will contact the winners directly and announce them on social media.